Frequently asked questions

How do I receive Free delivery for catering?

Select any 4 days in a month and you are in zone 1 area.

Example: you can choose all day in week 1, or 2 days in week 1 and 2 days in week 2 or 1 day in every week.

How do I know if you can deliver to my area?

Visit our Delivery Zones to see if your suburb is available.

What happen if I need a special dietary requirement?

Please email us and let us know your dietary requirement. Eg: vegan

When is the last order for Home Catering?

Orders for Home Catering close Monday or Wednesday before catering day at 11am.

For example, if you want to order for Tuesday on week 2 then you must order anytime before Monday 11am of week 2.

What is the last order for Saturday delivery?

Orders close every Thursday at 6 pm.


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