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1. Lebaran/ Eid Celebration menu package – HALAL

Ketupat, Sayur lodeh, Ayam Opor, Sambel goreng ati ampla kentang, Semur tahu, Semur Daging, Rendang, Telor Balado, Kerupuk

Rice cake, curry vegetables, white curry chicken, stir fry potato with chicken liver, braised tofu, braised seasoned beef, beef rendang, balado chilli egg, crackers, and chilli.

2. Nasi Tumpeng

Indonesian cone-shaped rice with side dishes of vegetables and meat. Minimal order 20 persons start from $15
Ayam goreng (Fried chicken)
Beef Rendang
Perkedel (Indonesian fried potatoes patties) or Telor Balado ( Egg Balado Chilli
Mie Goreng ( Fried noodle)
Urap ( Indonesian mixed steamed vegetables with seasoned and spiced grated coconut for dressing)
Sambal ( Red Chilli)

Add on:

Add on:
Sambal goreng ati ampla (stir fried chicken liver and gizzard in chilli sauce)
Orak Arik (stir fried tempeh with spiced)
Telor dadar iris (sliced omelet)
Ayam bakar bumbu rujak ( grilled chicken with herb and spiced)
Ayam bakar (Indonesian grilled chicken)
Empal (Fried beef with spiced)
Paru goreng (Fried beef lung)
Babat Goreng (Fried beef tripe)
Sambal goreng udang pete (stir fried prawn and green bean in chilli sauce)


Snack Platter
Tahu isi Goreng – Fried stuffed tofu
Lumpiah goreng – Fried spring roll
Lumpiah Basah – Fresh spring roll
Martabak – Indonesian pancake
Kroket – potato croquettes filled with minced beef and spices
Risoles – croquettes filled with minced chicken and spices rolled in breadcrums
Pastel – Indonesian puff filled with minced chicken and veggies
Aneka kue basa – mix Indonesian traditional cakes


(White rice accompanied by a small portion of other dishes)
Nasi padang (Padang Food)
Nasi Bogana ( Javanese Food)
Nasi liwet Solo (Solo Food)
Nasi Liwet Sunda (sundanese Food)
Aneka Nasi bakar (Grilled Rice)
Sate ayam (Chicken Satay)
Sate Padang( Padang Satay)
Nasi Campur (Rice with dishes)
Nasi Medan (Medan Food)
Nasi Pedas (Hot Spicy Rice)
Nasi Madura (Madura Food)
Nasi langgi (Javanese Food)
Lontong cah Gome (Curry rice cake with chicken, vegetables, chili egg, tofu)
Nasi Gudeg (Jogja food)
Nasi pecel Madiun (East Java Food)
Nasi Uduk jakarta (Coconut Rice )
NASI Menado ( Manadonese Food)
Nasi Bali (Balinese Food)

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